Going where the children are…

…in the public schools! Watch this video for an inside look at Bible Club and see what KLBC does every week throughout West Michigan.

Contact the office (616-455-2490 or requestinginfoklbc@att.net) for more information on how to expand your outreach and go where the children are.

Bringing prayer and the Gospel into the public schools since 1962

Kids’ Life Bible Clubs (KLBC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-denominational, Christian organization that brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to elementary school children in the West Michigan area through after-school Bible Clubs.

KLBC rents space in schools and equips volunteer teachers to conduct the Bible Clubs where children eagerly attend with their parent’s or guardian’s permission.

KLBC’s program is ready made for churches seeking a way to effectively reach out into their neighborhood. The primary door of opportunity for effectively reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ is during the pre-teen years.

Through Bible Clubs, churches are able to minister to the students and their families, many of whom are unchurched. Every opportunity is taken in the lessons to show them the the love, acceptance and value they have in the Lord Jesus Christ.