Year 2 Curriculum: God the Great Giver

On this page you will find materials and videos to aid KLBC teachers in running Bible Club. The calendar shows the official lesson schedule for KLBC and upcoming events.

Teaching Materials



Student Materials

Fall Activity Sheets

Spring Activity Sheets

Training Videos

Flannelgraph Tips for KLBC Teachers:


  1. Motions for Year 2 Fall Songs- time stamps in description box:
  2. There is no video for Lesson 1. Genesis 1-3 is taught along with our Salvation Circles visual.
  3. Lesson 2 God Gives Guidance Flannelgraph:
  4. Lesson 3 God Gives Purpose Flannelgraph:
  5. Lesson 4 God Gives Power Flannelgraph:
  6. Lesson 5 God Gives Faith Flannelgraph:
  7. Lesson 6 God Gives Deliverance Flannelgraph:
  8. Lesson 7 God Gives Help Flannelgraph:
  9. Lesson 8 God Gives Thankful Hearts Flannelgraph:
  10. Lesson 9 God Gives Rules Flannelgraph:
  11. Lesson 10 God Gives His Presence Flannelgraph:
  12. Lesson 11 God Gives Salvation Flannelgraph:
  13. There is no video for Lesson 12. This is our Christmas Lesson: God Gives Jesus to Us. We are telling the Christmas story through the lens of Jesus being the greatest gift God has given us and that He is truly indescribable! You may use either the Holiday Story Cards or the Large Christmas Flannelgraph for this lesson. Both can be found at the KLBC office.


  1. Motions for a selection of Year 2 Spring Songs- time stamps in description box:
  2. Motions for Psalm 23:
  3. Spring Lesson 1 The Lord Invites the Children Flannelgraph:
  4. Spring Lesson 2 The Lord Stills the Storm Flannelgraph:
  5. Spring Lesson 3 The Lord Restores Zacchaeus Flannelgraph:
  6. Spring Lesson 4 The Lord Directs the Rich, Young Ruler:
  7. Spring Lesson 5 Rich Man & Lazarus:
  8. Spring Lesson 6 The Lord Feeds the 5,000:
  9. Spring Lesson 7 The Lord Heals a Leper:
  10. Spring Lesson 8 The Lord’s Glory is Revealed:
  11. Spring Lesson 9 The Good Shepherd Parable: There is no video for Spring Lesson 9. There are story cards available at the office for the Lost Sheep Parable and we suggest acting out The Good Shepherd Parable relating it to our Salvation Circles.
  12. Spring Lesson 10 Triumphal Entry through Arrest:
  13. Spring Lesson 11 Trial through Resurrection:
  14. Spring Lesson 12 Ascension & Pentecost:

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