Mission, Vision, Statement of Faith

Mission Statement: To present the good news of Jesus Christ to children in the public schools

Vision Statement: To have a Kids’ Life Bible Club in all elementary schools in Western Michigan

Statement of Faith

  1. We believe the Bible to be the uniquely inspired, infallible, and  authoritative revelation of God to mankind.
  2. We believe in one God who is eternally existent and who has revealed Himself as a trinity in unity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three persons but nevertheless one God.
  3. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that He was virgin-born, led a sinless life, performed miracles, died on the cross as the substitutionary sacrifice for sinful people, was buried and rose from the dead.
  4. We believe in the Holy Spirit who regenerates sinful people and lives in the believers of Jesus Christ, who are then enabled to live godly lives.
  5. We believe that Jesus Christ will come again personally and visibly to judge the living and the dead.
  6. We believe that the Church universal is an elect company of believers, baptized by the Holy Spirit into one body, a spiritual unity.  We believe that this Church has a commission  from her divine Head, Jesus Christ, to proclaim His gospel to all peoples.