Church Bulletin Announcement

Kids Life Bible Clubs organizes and supports after-school Bible Clubs in public schools, charter schools, apartment complexes, mobile home parks and individual homes throughout west Michigan, reaching 1,000 and more children weekly during the school year.  Volunteer teachers are provided with all materials needed to engage elementary students in learning Biblical truths and applying them to their lives.  Prayers and financial support are vital to this ministry.

It is a fact that children ages 5-13 are the most likely to accept Christ as their Savior – if they are introduced to Him.  Will you help fund this vital ministry? 

If you feel God’s call to tell these precious children about His love and plan for them, we will help you start a new after-school club in your neighborhood or connect you to become part of an existing one.  The children are eager to come and the schools are open!

Contact our office for more information:  616-455-2490 or

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