Why Give to Kids’ Life Bible Clubs?

Have you ever thought that God has been kicked out of the public schools? It’s a fact that the 10 Commandments, which were once displayed prominently in many schools, have been removed and that there is no prayer in the classroom or at school events.  Teachers are not allowed to discuss their faith unless students ask direct questions about it.  These and the other changes in the schools that we read about in the news can cause us to feel discouraged.  But there is always hope through our faith in God.  We may not be able to teach about Jesus Christ in the classroom during the school day but Kids’ Life Bible Club teachers are presenting the Gospel in the classroom, gymnasium, art room or any other school room after school throughout the school year.  Children of many cultures are coming to hear God’s Truth and many children come to know Jesus as their Savior and Friend.

Your financial contribution to Kids’ Life Bible Clubs helps cover the cost of producing materials, purchasing supplies, training teachers and the other expenses necessary to maintain this vital ministry. Please consider how you can partner with KLBC to bring the life-changing love of God to children in the West Michigan public schools.

How to contribute:

  • Send a check made out to Kid’s Life Bible Clubs to our office at 2110 Enterprise Suite 101, Kentwood, MI 49508
  • Give safely and securely with Pay Pal using the Donate button 

Help us expand this vital ministry throughout West Michigan and  keep the Word of God in the public schools!

Kids’ Life Bible Clubs is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization. Please check with your tax professional concerning the status of your contribution.

The Club Connection: Making an Impact

As a supporter of Kids’ Life Bible Clubs you will receive our quarterly newsletter, The Club Connection.  It will keep you up-to-date on how Bible Club and you are making an impact for Christ in the public schools.

Phone: 616-455-2490


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