Start a Club

How do I start a Bible Club?

Begin with PRAYER

If you think God is guiding you to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to children in the public schools, contact our office to receive an application form and set up an interview. After completing the form and meeting with a Kids’ Life Bible Club representative, seek the support from others in your church, Bible study group, Sunday School class, or friends to form your team. At your request a KLBC representative will come to your church or group to make a brief presentation and answer any questions about the Bible Clubs. Our goal is to have your church connected to the club you lead.

At least two non-related volunteers are needed to start a club. One person will act as the designated coordinator for the team. More volunteers may be needed depending on the number of children who attend the club.

Once you are approved to teach a club and have your team together the KLBC representative will help you choose a school and the club day that works best for you and your team members. The KLBC Director contacts the school and arranges for the use of a room. You will be provided with regular training and all the materials needed to make the club successful.

Go where the children are! Share the Word of God and pray with the students in our Public Schools. You will be so blessed, so will the students, their families, the school and your church.

Contact the office staff at 616-455-2490  or